Oh, Lily…

You’ve probably already heard about how completely retarded Lily Allen is. If you haven’t then here’s the skinny:

Lily Allen created a blog, now deleted, to help bolster the anti-piracy movement which, as you know, is immensely popular. And all things considered she did quite well at drawing attention to not only herself but her cause as well.

Unfortunately pretty much all of it was negative.

Shocked? Yeah, me too. Whatever your stance on downloading music is, this is full of lulz for everyone.


Because Lily Allen created and uploaded mixtapes to the internets. Which is totes a crime according to her.

(Except when it’s her.)

Now she’s leaving the music industry to pursue a career in acting (see, I promised lots of lulz) and deleted her blog. She says she can’t take the harassment from internets anymore.

I think she knows that she did wrong, she knows we did wrong, she was hoping for a while that we wouldn’t find out she did wrong, but we did and now she feels bad.

Probably not because she infringed on her fellow starving artists, it’s much more likely that she only feels bad because she was caught. It reminds me of this quote from Rat:

Cheaters never prosper… unless they’re subtle about it, in which case they can live quite comfortably.

Too bad Lily doesn’t read Pearls Before Swine.

Oh yeah and I’m deleting all of her songs off my iPod.

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Hi everybody! (I giggled.)

(via eyeonspringfield)

Hi everybody! (I giggled.)

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